Venture Briefing

Uni Dufour, salle U300
Rue Général-Dufour 24, 1204 Genève

UNI MAIL, salle MR170, Bd du Pont-d'Arve 40, 1205 Genève


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Live Stream

Venture Briefing is an event designed to help students with an intent to pursue entrepreneurship take their first steps towards building a successful company. Experienced entrepreneurs will share their journey bringing their idea to life and will answer all your questions. Startup support programs will be introduced, such as Venture Kick, Innobooster or First Ventures. You will also get to know the Science Innovation Hub of the UNIGE and the new programs offered by the GSEM Accelerator.

Madiha Derouazi, CEO of AMAL Therapeutics ; Andrej Babic, CEO of Adiposs ; Marie Roux, Program Manager, Venturelab ; Nadine Reichenthal, Director, GSEM Accelerator and Julien Levallois, Director, Science Innovation Hub

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